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    I am anywhere between 4-7 week by week but 5 seems more average. at my worst, I was at 8-9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    Using the descriptions from, I am mostly 2-3, with the aspects of 5-7 highlighted below. I detach not so much from reality as from other people. I have become rather more jealous of my time and energy, less tolerant of interruption and distraction, and less willing to partake of social involvement.
    I highly recommend that you check out the books.

    The descriptions in there are far more vivid and detailed than those offered on the website.

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    i have no idea how i would know this...but...i know how bad 7's can be...heathwise and i've never been there. i do however have unhealthy patterns when i'm stressed in the form of avoidance...or just constant distraction etc
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    I should preface this by saying that I usually view these types of hierarchies with healthy dose of skepticism. Unless backed by a good amount evidence, I take them to be little more than someone's opinion. These someones spent a lot of time on this obviously, but there are other people who have developed theories through a lot of thought. Keep in mind our own @Zang has developed his own rather detailed metagram, that many others on the forum see as being more valid than the Rizo-Hudson based enneagram.

    I have the Riso-Hudson Peronality Types book, but it is at home (I am at work now). So I will use the enneagram institute website.

    Type Five—More Depth by Level
    Healthy Levels
    Level 1(At Their Best): Become visionaries, broadly comprehending the world while penetrating it profoundly. Open-minded, take things in whole, in their true context. Make pioneering discoveries and find entirely new ways of doing and perceiving things.

    Level 2: Observe everything with extraordinary perceptiveness and insight. Most mentally alert, curious, searching intelligence: nothing escapes their notice. Foresight and prediction. Able to concentrate: become engrossed in what has caught their attention.

    Level 3: Attain skillful mastery of whatever interests them. Excited by knowledge: often become expert in some field. Innovative and inventive, producing extremely valuable, original works. Highly independent, idiosyncratic, and whimsical.

    Average Levels
    Level 4: Begin conceptualizing and fine-tuning everything before acting—working things out in their minds: model building, preparing, practicing, and gathering more resources. Studious, acquiring technique. Become specialized, and often "intellectual," often challenging accepted ways of doing things.

    Level 5: Increasingly detached as they become involved with complicated ideas or imaginary worlds. Become preoccupied with their visions and interpretations rather than reality. Are fascinated by off-beat, esoteric subjects, even those involving dark and disturbing elements. Detached from the practical world, a "disembodied mind," although high-strung and intense.

    Level 6: Begin to take an antagonistic stance toward anything which would interfere with their inner world and personal vision. Become provocative and abrasive, with intentionally extreme and radical views. Cynical and argumentative.

    Unhealthy Levels
    Level 7: Become reclusive and isolated from reality, eccentric and nihilistic. Highly unstable and fearful of aggressions: they reject and repulse others and all social attachments.

    Level 8: Get obsessed yet frightened by their threatening ideas, becoming horrified, delirious, and prey to gross distortions and phobias.

    Level 9: Seeking oblivion, they may commit suicide or have a psychotic break with reality. Deranged, explosively self-destructive, with schizophrenic overtones. Generally corresponds to the Schizoid Avoidant and Schizotypal personality disorders.
    I struck through those things that I don't believe apply to me today (though could have in the past or in the future). I used bold font to emphasize what I believe applies most strongly to me today.

    Although the statement in bold font is level 4, there are far more words struck through at the healthier levels than at the less healthy levels. So I voted level 5.

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
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    This is an excellent description of me, aside from the fact that I'm not entirely bedridden (although I do spend nearly half of my time in that state of nonexistence called sleep):

    (From Enneagram Institute, on Fours) Level 7: When dreams fail, become self-inhibiting and angry at self, depressed and alienated from self and others, blocked and emotionally paralyzed. Ashamed of self, fatigued and unable to function.


    Whenever I find myself getting close to someone, I also find myself lapsing into behaviors associated with type Two (generally average to average-high type Two, although one nasty "friendship" had me plummeting toward the less healthy levels of that type), just as Enneagram theory predicts will happen to an unhealthy Four.
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    I'm so moody that I can see myself in levels 2-5 just in the past year. I have level 2 moments where I shine & 5 moments where I invent tragedy in my head or wallow in real tragedy longer than necessary.

    However, considering all the stress I've had the past few years & how I've handled myself, then I'd say I'm at about a level 3-4 consistently. I think the make-or-break moments made me, so I've grown; that's really how enneagram levels work, as far as I know. My ego is less restricted in many ways; I feel less threatened to go out of my comfort zone. The low moments are moods more than over all emotional health, and the moods are recognized as such, not as reality.

    I suppose I will vote level 4, then, as I'd rather not overestimate myself. I don't know if I'm really "healthy". It feels like it might be delusional to say so....

    Level 3: Highly personal, individualistic, "true to self." Self-revealing, emotionally honest, humane. Ironic view of self and life: can be serious and funny, vulnerable and emotionally strong.

    Level 4: Take an artistic, romantic orientation to life, creating a beautiful, aesthetic environment to cultivate and prolong personal feelings. Heighten reality through fantasy, passionate feelings, and the imagination.
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    I'm usually between a 3 and 5 on the health levels. I'm never quite allowed to descend into madness.

    Oh wait, I meant " "
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    The 2 description sounds like me, though re: Ones, the 2 and 3 descriptions are very similar to one another. I chose 2 because its word choice is almost exactly what I would say, if asked what I strive to be like: "Wish to be rational, reasonable, self-disciplined, mature, moderate in all things."

    4/5 sounds like me in my early teens, and 6 sounds like how people who didn't like me, in my early teens, might have described me.
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    I'd say my typical range is between 3-5, sometimes down to 6/7, sometimes up to 2. I'd say for the most part I'm right around 4.

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    I'm at around level 8 of Type 4 these days. Working my way back up slowly.

    I was disintegrated to 2 for a very long time without realizing it. I also spent some time at average 1.

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