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    every 5 or 5 wing i've met?

    in general it's a product of anxiety disrupting/overriding normal biorhythms. severe body stress can also obviously play a part.

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    Anew Leaf


    Lol, I thought of this thread this morning as I couldn't fall asleep last night until past 2 and then was wide awake at 6. I should probably stop reading in bed.

    *posts second time*

    In contrast my dad who is 5w6 can make himself fall asleep instantly just by telling himself "It's time to sleep."


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    I don't have insomnia, and I've never had insomnia. I've always been able to go to sleep quickly, and stay asleep all night.

    However, I tend to make really stupid decisions regarding sleep when I'm stressed.
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    I peg myself as 3w4-5w6-1w9, or somesuch. Test corroborates, and pegs me as:

    Type.1 .........
    Type.2 .
    Type.3 ...............
    Type.4 ...
    Type.5 ...........
    Type.6 .......
    Type.7 .....
    Type.8 ...
    Type.9 .........

    I sure do have insomia, all the time. Thank God for Ambien--the miracle drug.

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    5w6-9w1-3w4 (99% sure) Oh dear, I have insomnia a lot especially when there is some sort of emotional upheaval and there is no way to escape the source.

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