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    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    Those who fit a wing are going to 'believe' more in the wing system (and perhaps its global applicability) than those who don't.
    You are right about that. I don't feel like I have much of a wing, so it's harder for the concept to resonate with me. It seems like it is a clock with the hour hand pointing somewhere. If you are dead on pointing towards 2, you have little wing. If you are 1/3 of the way towards 3, you have a relatively strong 3 wing.

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    The nine is known as having possession of all traits; to say one has no wing is to exemplify the nine perfectly.

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    I haven't read this thread in-depth but my impression is that you don't really have to identify strongly or even very much with one wing type or other. ie. I'm pretty convinced I'm a type 6, but I don't identify much with type 5 and hardly at all with type 7. However, I've looked into what both type 6w5 and type 6w7 are supposed to be like, and I identify quite strongly with 6w5, and somewhat with 6w7. I've concluded that I have fairly balanced wings but I lean towards 6w5.

    So I view it more as that the wing gives you a certain flavour of your primary type, rather than thinking that you do or don't strongly identify with the wing as a sort of secondary type.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    The wings exist for a reason. An enneagram type is a mash up of their two neighboring types, and you will naturally have tendencies from them both, whether you know it or not. And one "side" will be more naturally dominant.
    My question was going to be something similar. If an Enneagram type really is a mash up between two neihbouring types then a dominant wing exists because you cannot place your little dot at the very centre of your type's 40 degree arc. People with NO wing therefore, as someone else has pointed out in another post to this thread, are really those with equal wings and whose little dot is right in the centre of the 40 degree arc. What implications this has for the strength of the equal wings on a person to person basis is another story.
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