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    Default identifying more with certain wings depending on your mental state?

    was reading through this thread and it got me thinking...

    Quote Originally Posted by Chiharu View Post
    The more melancholy I am, the more I recognize my 5wing. Generally, I have a more 4w3 vibe.

    Quote Originally Posted by Etherea View Post
    I identify strongly with the unhealthy sides, especially the 2w3. )
    i'm seeing a pattern here, and I see it in myself as well. do people identify more with the wing that's clockwise to their type on the ennea symbol when they disintegrate? discuss.
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    I'm a 7w6, but sometimes I turn 8w7 if I want to kick someone's ass, dominate something or conquer an obstacle, but then again, I imagine most people would
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    I don't know about disintegrating to your wing. We may overcompensate with the weaker wing sometimes, perhaps in an unconscious attempt for balance. It's just an amateur's theory though. I haven't read much about wing theory. I just kinda accepted it.

    For example, I think a 4w3 would overcompensate and go to typical 5 wing stuff by having a genuine "intellectual streak," ridding themselves of having to prove anything to anyone. While a 4w5 may realize that they are going to fade into obscurity if they don't do anything about it. "What's the point of being unique if no one knows or cares?" This is a really rough and vague example lol. Hopefully it illustrates my point.

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