synthetic intelligence will thrive just as biological one, as long as it serves something as a slave.
when on its own, there is no reason for intelligence to exist.
(it dies off cause it has no purpose if not in service of something.)

thus the meaning of life is to give reason for intelligence to exist.

and the meaning of intelligence is to be slave of something.

everything we consider sentient is based on intelligence.

enneagram really found out _all_ the possible reasons one could conjure up too sustain intelligence in long term, Really?

all we live on for is based on some puny opinions conjured by intelligence for giving itself a purpose to exist.

whats your puny reason, and can you see it as something so simple?
you find your reason correlating some enneatype?
i certainly admit, theres no way around my whole intelligence wrapping around my ennea in the end for energy to keep living.

is this the ultimate end point for ennea 5's, by posessing this knowledge through scientific self understanding, you understand knowledge doesnt exist, only patterns do, and these patterns need something to crave after or they die. (aka suicide, even if done slowly by first allowing yourself to become unintelligent by not having a purpose for your intelligence, it commits a suicide even if your body doesnt. although your body will attempt to feed problems for it to survive, but if you solved all the problems?)

or, is this just a new beginning, with new clarity of understanding of what significance is, you are able to create it out of thin air?

this is where i pieced the last pieces of my neural knowledge together:!.html

have you found any reasons for existence of intelligence which arent included in any ennea type?

(for me, i use this new knowledge to understand how i can make anything insignificant or significant by will, to serve better my goals and purpose of life. *cough*, self dev addict through whole life *cough* so yeah, guess that means my reasons do correlate to 4w3 perfectly.. always the 3'ish desire to become more. which is only ironic, since ennea 3 flavoured and e3 types are the ones who struggle hardest to find happiness, and even then they quite wont as 3 side depends on goals for purpose, and you cant be without goals while reaching them wont really help that much unless permanent gain. but still, that doesnt mean understanding it all wouldnt help, it certainly does especially when your happiness is the hardest to reach in comparison to others. if not impossible.)

would like to hear your takes on this, you find scientific neural level self understanding significant? if not, why?