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Thread: 3 and 5 pairing

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    Default 3 and 5 pairing

    Romantically, or between friends, what has it been in your experience? Helen Palmer suggests this is a good combination.

    3s usually drive me strongly towards growth. Mainly in confidence, charm and energy.

    I'm quite surprised with this, 3s have always been the kind of people I avoid.
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    According to Enneagram theory, the wings should be the same. So, a 3w4 wth a 5w4, and a 7w6 with a 5w6.

    Just based on that I've read, a type 3 seems like a good influence as long as they remain healthy. I'm not the least bit tolerant to shady ethics.

    I've known a few 3s, and I haven't had a good experience; they were very unhealthy, because they were failing at life. They were very irritating. On the plus side they usually show admiration for me, which helps in this shitty world not my own.

    I think the 7w6 pairing is much easier for me to deal with.

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    I think my ex was an Enneagram 3. Couldn't get a confirmation because she basically thinks typology is limiting. She once tested INTP, which I think is accurate. But since Enneagrams 3 are pretty flexible, it seems most of them don't fit very well into mbti descriptions.
    What you said about them is true, they are confident and full of energy to achieve their goals, which is inspiring.
    On the other side, most of them seem to be insecure; they don't deal well with criticism and need a lot of qualifying. The fact they have a image to live up to usually means their focus will rarely be in relationships, so we end up not being a big priority in their lives.

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