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    Default ENFP Enneagram 2 vs 7 vs 4 vs 9

    The most common Enneagram type for ENFP seems to be 2, 7, 4 and 9. What do you think the differences are between ENFPs of those three types?

    Data comes from here:


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    ENFP 2s: Tend towards syrup-y sweet sentiments, warm and welcoming, good social skills, can be protective, focussed on morality. Can seem ESFJ.
    ENFP 7s: Bouncy, bubbly, fun, lots of zany charm. Can seem ESFP.
    ENFP 4s: Me! Umm... Seem more introverted, perfectionistic, flip between serious-silly/blissful-depressed moods really quickly. Can seem INFx
    ENFP 9s: Laid back, cheerful, softly wondering. Can seem IxFP.
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    ENFP 2- 2s have pride in that they are great people, and so they want to help other people to prove this to them and to be wanted/feel loved. Fi and 2 seem weird together, but somehow ENFP 2s can exist. I think that their personal identity is kind of distorted by dom Ne, and so they think that their morality (I'm a good person!) should be shared with others (2), and should be used to improve other's lives.

    ENFP 4- This seems like the kind of person who would use their dom Ne to isolate themselves and make themselves feel different in every sort of way; rather than dom Fi and seeing how people's values are different from their's. I think that ENFP 4s would be passively masochistic rather than more actively masochistic like some IFP 4s because the way that they perceive differences is so broad because of dom Ne vs where Dom Fi 4s put themselves out there and roast themselves pretty regularly. Dom Ne would be pretty easy to use to make yourself feel disconnected from everyone I'd say. They would have an easy time coming up with stuff and interests that would desperate them from others too!

    ENFP 7- Pretty normal high energy Ne dom. Stereotypical IMO.

    ENFP 9- This one actually makes NO sense; ENP 9 in general anyway. 9 is characterized by a mental numbness, a thin mental landscape due to the fact that they repress their instincts and emotions so much. 9s do not typically allow themselves to have a lot of mental activity unless they are healthy. This doesn't seem very Ne dom at all... I think that ENFP 9s are mistyped either in MBTI or in the enneagram; perhaps ISFPs who aren't "typical" to their type (like me, I've been accused of being an ENFP on a few occasions lol) or they could be 6s/self pres 7s.

    By the way, I remade that chart a while ago to reflect what I personally think is accurate-

    (I would change a few things, I'd add less common in for the INTs and 4 for example, that is the biggest mistake that I made when I hastily put that together)
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