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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    What is your personal style and how might you relate that to your type?

    Do you think your enneagram type (including wing & instinctual stack!) influences your personal style of dress/grooming?

    Do you think your MBTI type plays any role also?

    Below is a page concerning enneagram type fashion styles. It's obviously a generalization, but I found it pretty decent when comparing it to people I know and their type.

    Focus on the idea of how they are described as approaching dress/grooming over literal styles (as culture and location and job, etc, can influence this also). For instance, instead of taking "nerdy" too literally for the 5, see it as meaning there can be a bit of disinterest or obliviousness to appropriateness or attractiveness.


    Here's the very brief run-down for each:

    1 - classic, simple, refined, geometric lines, minimalist, modest

    2 - romantic and strong, bold but soft, cute, accessorized, draws affection

    3 - professional, well-tailored, american sportswear, attention-grabbing, preppy

    4 - unique, vintage, edgy, often weird and random, trendy, clashing, raw

    5 - nerdy, unnoticeable, comfortable, functional, bland but odd

    6 - earthy, coordinating, stylish without being overdone, complementing

    7 - cheery, bright colors from nature, outdoorsy, fun, flirty

    8 - confident, stark, bold, well-constructed, precisely fitting, durable

    9 - relaxed, repetitive, elements from nature, harmonious, bohemian
    I'd say 1, 6, 8, and 9 are most fitting for me. It's possible there's some 2 (minus extreme accessorizing - I hate extreme accessorizing- I accessorize like one element per outfit) but I wouldn't self-describe that way; I'm just guessing others might. I also ideally like to look attractive/ more form fitting stuff / tied to sexual appeal/drawing in. But not in an overt boobs-hanging-out way (besides, I lack that feature/ability, ha).
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    I'm a 4 but I relate more to the 5 and 9 clothing styles.

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    I am an 8 and I wear what is comfortable. Leggings, a vest and tons of jumpers because I'm always cold. I guess I'll be like a 1 or a 9 then?

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