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    Default Anxiety//Depresion

    If i have more anxiety/paranoid/ambivalent traits, opposing to shame//envy//self expression-need...
    I will be more 6 than 4, right???
    Leaving the tritype//open-answers behind... I know that we are not entirely of one only type... But at the end only ONE type is our core type...
    I want some straight answers...

    6w5(sw5w4) Sx/Sp

    "Some people never go crazy... What truly horrible lives they must lead"- Charles Bukowski

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    Shame can include the feeling that you're not living up to your own or other people's expectations, which leads to depression.

    Apart from shame, there are thought to be two other contributors; anxiety and frustration, likely from the head and the gut respectively. Some people believe that certain kinds of depression are influenced by personality, it seems to hold some truth. It wont give you your type, but it can give you some clues, which might help your self understanding.

    Try to think hard about what it is you subconsciously desire, if your defense most often involves seeking security, then you can be more sure that you are 6. However, what matters most then is that you understand yourself better, so you didn't need to know your type in the first place, it has just caused you to think more carefully about how your mind works.

    Be careful, the enneagram can be dangerous. If you type yourself wrong, it can delude you, and make you think that doing something unhealthy for yourself is okay.
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