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    Default Growth and Stress lines

    Or if you prefer, lines of integration/disintegration.

    At first I thought this meant that when you're stressed you'll act like the bad qualities of a certain type, and to develop yourself you need to act more like your growth type, but I'm not so sure that's true.

    The stress part seems to hold true. I see myself rushing things when stressed, avoiding pain like a 7 sometimes, and when I do I calm myself and go back to normal. However, I act like an 8 when my competence is satisfied, my basic desire. I stop feeling so anxious, I stop shaking, stop stuttering and being so quiet.

    I get some of 8s low points as well, being too bossy, spending too much time 'gathering resources', Getting too angry to the point where it just fuels the fire and everyone starts fighting.

    I think being at your best is separate from your lines of integration/disintegration. I know I'm at my best when I'm calm, focused and in control, without anger. In such a state, I can nearly do as a good 8 would, looking after everyone's needs and being in control of life instead of asleep to it.

    If I ever get time, I'll probably have to read up on this carefully.
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    Under stress I relate to the 7 being scattered and absent minded and avoiding pain. I'm overwhelmed by possibilities. So much I could pursue but not sure what path to take. However, I take on the positive qualities of 7 when healthier. I have a childlike enthusiasm and curiosity about things. I'm optimistic and energetic.

    The same holds true for type 8. I can see myself going to 8 both when healthy and stressed. When healthy, I'm more confident, decisive and willing to take charge. When less healthy, I show my anger more and make unreasonable demands.
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    When you are stressed, you look like your stress point. About this, you bring both your low points of your stressed and growth state. So for me, I would have some combined 4 and 7 lows with my main type 1.
    When you are going towards your growth point, with it, you bring your highs of your "stress" and growth points. And with this, I would have a combined 4 and 7 high where I bring the best of 4 and 7 into my main type but it makes me look like a 7.

    There is a few sources that talk about this, and I'm not sure if I'm explaining it correctly. Basically, when stressed, you look like your stress point, but you bring the bad side of 7 and 8 with you and vice versa for when you are doing good.

    So for me, my type 1 will:
    Under growth:
    Look like a good direction to 4: Start criticizing less
    Look like a good direction to 7: Stop being uptight

    Under Stress:
    Look like a stress direction of 4: Starts criticizing often (whether towards people or towards self.)
    Look like a stress direction of 7: Starts being very uptight in actions.

    Somewhere between these two is when a 1 is in its "natural" state.

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    I've got a rather dramatic example of this. It happened when I went to study abroad for a year. I was out of my comfort zone. I knew no one. I had never traveled alone before, let alone live in a different country.

    I don't know why but I became the most sweet-natured, helpful person ever. I went out of my way to help random people. It made me feel worthwhile. I wanted so much to be needed, to be significant in my friends' lives. I felt extremely hurt when people turned down my offer. That level of neediness surprised even myself. I even tested as a 2, which shocked me.

    I also became a experience junkie. I wanted to travel, wanted to be at every party, wanted to see everything, feel everything, learn everything. I never let myself rest. I was always planning trips, going places, talking to people. I wanted it so bad as if my life depended on it. So I guess my wing disintegrate to 7 too.

    It was so unlike me, and overall it was a bit agonizing at times. But, I learned a lot more about myself from it. And I got to do things I normally would never do. The second term once I was not so stressed anymore I settled into my old self.
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