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    Quote Originally Posted by Owfin View Post
    I had the 3 as because they are the center of the image triad, and so the image was showing literally that the 3 convinced themselves that they are happy because they project a happy image.

    2 was for the need for appreciation they have that they so often try to ignore. I was trying to show the inside 2.

    And that 8 alternative also looks good for the 8 having to win. The panda one I chose because it's like, "Die, soft, squishy emotions! Die!"

    Also, I just realized that 5 and 7 are looking at 6.
    5 is like, "I must look as uninterested as possible. Otherwise they might notice me and try to do something."
    6 is like "Why are they all looking at me?".
    7 is like "Don't worry, be happy... right?"
    I liked the explanations. Btw what's your Enneagram?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    I liked the explanations. Btw what's your Enneagram?
    6w7 sp/sx. Strong 7 wing.
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