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    I can understand all types, including 3 since as 9 I both integrate to it, as well as having it in my tritype.

    9s don't necessarily consciously have low self-esteem (this has to do with mental/emotional health levels rather than E-type; all E-types can feel bad abt themselves in their own way). Rather, other people seem to have firmer preferences where we do not, and we're so focused on others that, when we're around them, we want them to be happy and relaxed so they do not reject us to our face AND so they'll leave us alone from their demands and conflicts. The less healthy the 9, the more they will focus on maintaining surface (even false) harmony, to the point of numbing themselves. As I become healthier, I tend to actively seek conflict if the result is genuine harmony down the line.

    E3 for me is simply an intuitive awareness of how others perceive me, and knowing how to dress /behave /etc so that they perceive me in a particular way. I never confuse real me with the image, which can be tweaked to fit in with whichever crowd while I am the real person, observing and often enjoying my "performance". Since I'm sx-dom, my E3 aspect is in sx-realm as well, not so much focused on work as, how good am I at flirting, getting attention whenever I'm interested, call-backs, etc, but still focused on "results, skills, and competence". I am so happy it's not my dominant type as it can really be a lot of work, and the sense of failure you feel when you "didn't achieve the objective" orz

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    I don't get 1s (my mother) and 7s (my father).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chloe View Post
    yeah, we want to be loved for who we are and not for what we do, but since we believe that's impossible we keep doing stuff, like learning 5 languages
    Obviously, I relate. However, I will add that being in relationships has really helped me alot with this. Oh I don't wan't to come off as all needy and co-dependent, but I will admit that when I've been in HEALTHY relationships with people that I really admire, I have flourished a great deal and been able to get much more in touch with the inner self. It has worked backwards as well, and relationship failures (once I've really opened up to someone) are especially painful. The funny thing is that I often couldn't understand WHY I would feel so terrible about the end of relations.. even when on my terms, even when we were clearly incompatible or the other person was simply a douche. I eventually started to understand a pattern (in my feelings). I would take the failure of a relation as a very personal failure and rejection, a symbol that all my fears were true, unloveable, unworthy and no amount of doing could change it. I guess in a way the hurt still spawned growth and realization.

    After reading over the comments in this thread I take the stand that 3's can really be difficult to even pick out. To do it you'd have to get close enough to see what that particular 3's flavor is. People think emotionless-ladder climbing-ball breaking-corporate bitches - and it's just not accurate. THe one thing that I really love about 3's is an absolutely un-yielding determination to improve on anything they deem necessary. SO, if a 3 is lucky enough to take interest in self actualizing, psychology, meditation, and getting "in touch" I think they may even have a bit of an edge. Yet there-in lies the catch. 3, 6 and 9 all have only two movements of integration. Yet being the farthest removed the fixations are stronger and harder to break. It fascinates and scares me.

    Of all e-types I struggle to understand 9's the most. Go figure.
    Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun - Watts

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