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I have a developed 8 because I've lived with an 8 for 8 years. I pull out 8 when I need to. It's not necessarily counterphobic as in, confronting a fear. Sometimes I'm not necessarily fearful, but a time comes when I need to be assertive or aggressive. I agree that sometimes it's counterphobic 6 taking hold, sometimes it's 8. ISTP is also a directive type, so it ties in with that aspect of things.
Well... my mbti is INFP (and very sure), and this type doesn't relate too much with 8s.
I think same as you, that my 8 is somewhat developed, in different circumstances, but i take long to get to my 8 center. But im a 4, and my basic fears are mostly of this type. And im Sx first, and this makes me want to be more assertive and confrontational, and maybe less wheepy, and weak sometimes .
Now im split up between 468 and 458, I will see what fits more later...