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    Default A quick, messy way to determine your type

    I felt that this was an interesting, concise way of looking at the types. Cribbed mainly from this site:

    Similar to that other thread I did:

    Step 1. Determine your Triad / Centre

    • The types in the feeling centre have gifts and issues involving their emotions.

      At some point in their development, Twos, Threes, and Fours feel that they have lost contact with their value and with their identify. They adopt a false belief that they are worthless, leading to an underlying feeling of shame.

      To compensate, the personality tries to create and maintain a personal identity that will overcome these feelings. By identifying with this self-image, they create a false sense of value. Twos, Threes, and Fours spend a great deal of energy seeking validation from others to affirm this self-image.

    • The types in the thinking centre have gifts and issues involving their thinking.

      At some point in their development, Fives, Sixes, and Sevens feel that they have lost contact with their inner guidance. They adopt a false belief that they have no inner support or confidence, leading to underlying feelings of fear and anxiety. They see the world as a threatening and uncertain place.

      To compensate, Fives, Sixes, and Sevens become very motivated to find sources of security and confidence. They try to anticipate and prepare for the future. They spend their time trying to find and maintain a sense of inner guidance and support. These types pursue mental strategies and/or belief systems to create a false sense of security against anxiety.

    • The types in the Instinctive Centre have gifts and issues involving their instinct.

      At some point in their development, Eights, Nines, and Ones feel that they have no sense of self and that they cannot assert their wants. Being unable to express themselves leads to an underlying feeling of rage.

      To compensate, the personality tries to create and maintain a sense of self, where they are free to influence the world, but not be influenced by it. Consequently, the types in the instinctive Centre are motivated to find ways to feel autonomous and independent. One way to feel a sense of self is to carry tension in our bodies. Another is to create boundaries around us.
    Step 2. Determine your Object Relation

    • People with the attachment object relation tend to have a sense of contentment that their needs (with people, situation, thinks) are being met. Their sense of self is based on being deeply attached to things perceived as good. To attach themselves, these types adapt their ways to be consistent with important people or things.

    • People with the frustration object relation know what will make them happy, but they feel they seldom have it. However, once they find the source of their happiness, they tend to become disappointed and disillusioned with it. As a result, they become frustrated as they begin their search again. Their sense of self is based on the search for an ideal. These types need to remember that they can find contentment by accepting their present experience.

    • People with the rejection object relation feel that they have been rejected by others. Others don't care about their needs, so they reject their own needs too. Consequently, their relationships often have issues of not wanting to be nurtured or touched. Despite feeling rejected, they feel they only have one gift to offer to prevent future rejection. Their sense of self is based on countering this rejection by offering their talent.
    Step 3. Put them together!

    • Feeling & Attached - Three
      Threes adapt their self-image to be consistent with the expectations and values of others. Threes are aware of what is valued by their friends, family, coworkers, etc. and they strive to attain those values. That way, they can receive the attention and validation from others. Their sense of self is based on an attachment to their self-image of a successful, valuable person.

    • Feeling & Frustrated - Four
      Fours focus on what's missing in others and in themselves. Fours seek validation and attention from others, but feel they must be different and distant from others to get it. As a result, their strategy for attention doesn't often work, leading to a sense of frustration that maintains their sense of self.

    • Feeling & Rejected - Two
      Twos reject their own needs, their own negative thoughts and emotions. The Two offers the only gift she has left: her heart. She focuses on the needs of others and helping, caring, and nurturing them. Twos try to love others so much that others won't reject them. Twos base their sense of self on putting their own needs aside (rejection) and caring for others.

    • Thinking & Attached - Six
      Sixes adapt their belief systems to be consistent with those of an authority figure or system. Sixes doubt their own ability to cope with the world, so they seek security through another person or system. Their sense of self is based on an attachment or association and loyalty to important people or groups.

    • Thinking & Frustrated - Seven
      Sevens are searching for ideal security and contentment. Sevens focus on the fun they are not having. The current experience isn't quite as fun as they hoped it would be. Their mind quickly jumps to opportunities and experiences that they could be having rather than the one they are currently experiencing. Sevens get frustrated with the present and seek security in the future. Their sense of self is based on the search rather than on the experience.

    • Thinking & Rejected - Five
      Fives reject and minimize their own needs (especially their physical and emotional ones). The Five has only one gift left: her head. Fives offer their intelligence and expertise to others, hoping that others will appreciate their knowledge. By building up their own expertise, Fives seek to become important enough not to be rejected further. Fives, having cut off their emotional needs, try to not need others, to be independent, and to not need love. Fives believe that their lack of emotion will shield them from the pain of further rejection.

    • Instinctive & Attached - Nine
      Nines adapt (or accommodate) their own wants and opinions to be consistent with those of others. Nines want peace, so why rock the boat? By going along with others, they can attain the harmony they seek. Nines base their sense of self on their attachment to their idealized (internalized harmonious) view of the world.

    • Instinctive & Frustrated - One
      Ones are searching for ideal autonomy. That means perfection and complete self-control. Ones focus on what's wrong or out of place in a given situation. They become frustrated when they see that things don't live up to their standards and when they feel obligated to improve everything. Their sense of self is based on this frustration - it shows that they still care about making things better.

    • Instinctive & Rejected - Eight
      Eights reject their own needs (especially their emotional, vulnerable side). The Eight only has one gift left to prevent further rejection: her strength and will. Eights believe in their power and know that others can turn to them from strength and leadership. Eights expect to be rejected, but because they are so "tough," they give the appearance of being able to handle it.
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    Default worked for me. I get 4 with this. Strangely, 1 would be my second choice, but 5 is a very close third.
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    Yay! Now I'm a four!

    I see myself in most four descriptions, but in tests, I never get the four... This is the first test that tells me I'm a four. ^^

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    It worked for me.

    Definitely a good starting point for complete enneagram newbies.
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    I got nine. Was pretty hard to decide on an object relation, I didn't relate to any at first. But attachment and adaptation was the best choice.

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    This, in particular, makes perfect sense.

    Eights expect to be rejected, but because they are so "tough," they give the appearance of being able to handle it.

    We can always handle it, right?
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    Cool! It worked for me, too. I got nine.

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    This is incredible. I related to it perfectly.

    (Although I may have related to the Feeling center description more, on the surface level, which would have made 4 my second choice. :/ Weird. I guess it's just because of my well-developed wing?)

    Either way, thank you so much for posting!!
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    I got 4.

    And it does make sense to me.

    Thanks for posting this!

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