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    Your result for Enneagram Test - Your Personality - (Beta Version) ...

    Enneagram Type 9 - The Peacemaker
    You scored 76% on 9

    "Nines are the most patient and tolerant types in the enneagram. They have an innate belief that other people are similar to them underneath in a way they can't explain that makes them anything but megalomanic. They are truly accepting of peoples' faults and are biased to give others the benefit of the doubt. They are good listeners and one can talk to them about almost anything. They are able to see where others are coming from and can genuinely sympathize with what it feels like to not be listened to. They can make people feel good about even the deepest gloom.They are easygoing and low-maintainence. They enjoy relaxing and letting their minds wander. They like immersing themselves in their hobbies and are often drawn to the outdoors. They don't impose their preferences and aren't sticklers over little things. They don't need for things to be spelled out. They are good-natured and unflappable. They have the ability to stay hopeful as well as level-headed and calm during a real crisis. Whether they are anxious, fustrated, angry, excited, or enthused, they show less than most people and appear stable no matter what.They see being united and coming together in a positive light. They believe in "flow", whether it's going with the flow, idealizing a reality or philosophy that has flow, synchronizing themselves with the ebbs and flows of life, or being attracted to what naturally flows. They have a knack for waiting for the right time when things to come to them instead of them forcing the action. They have just enough of a positive outlook to favor letting things work out on their own but are anything but full of themselves. They have a good balance between being competitive and someone to simply hang with. All in all nines tend to be likeable."

    You scored 69% on 5, higher than 70% of your peers.
    You scored 69% on 6, higher than 56% of your peers.
    You scored 59% on 1, higher than 54% of your peers.
    You scored 59% on 2, higher than 68% of your peers.
    You scored 55% on 3, higher than 61% of your peers.
    You scored 52% on 4, higher than 37% of your peers.
    You scored 41% on 7, higher than 35% of your peers.
    You scored 41% on 8, higher than 29% of your peers.
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    You scored 38% 1, 28% 2, 62% 3, 38% 4, 76% 5, 59% 6, 59% 7, 45% 8 and 45% 9!

    I'm pretty sure I'm a 6w5 though. I could be wrong, stranger things have happened.

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    You scored 62% 1, 52% 2, 48% 3, 52% 4, 55% 5, 69% 6, 52% 7, 55% 8 and 62% 9!

    I really disliked the questions with "at all costs" and "do you have emotions?" Many of the questions seemed biased. I am not a 6....

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    Too many "Do you _________ and ________ AND __________?" questions.

    And question 29 makes no sense whatsoever. "When under extreme stress, do you passively bum around on a sofa or exessively start working on another activity?" How the hell are you supposed to answer 'Yes', 'sometimes' or 'no' to a question with 'or' in it?!

    I scored high on all of them, 6 was highest. No idea what that means.

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    Your result for Enneagram Test - Your Personality - (Beta Version) ...
    Enneagram Type 2 - The Helper
    You scored 76% on 2 higher than 98% of your peers.

    "Twos are about love and other people and especially pride. Specifically twos are kind and gentle feeling types who take pride in being considerate of others to feel worthy of being loved themselves. They take pride in seeing people as people. They like people and want to feel closer to them. They take pride in recognizing the importance of others...the "I"..."you"...and "me". They are receptive and responsive. They have strong empathetic feelings and take pride in being sensitive and compassionate towards others. They are attuned to what others might need. This can include people they hardly know or even in an abstract capacity."

    Your scores are:

    59% 1, 76% 2, 48% 3, 45% 4, 55% 5, 62% 6, 38% 7, 48% 8 and 66% 9
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post

    The 4 questions were off the mark, IMO. The focus for the 4 should be determining if someone feels shame & defectiveness, not if they like relationship drama. I always score 5 on tests which overemphasize drama for 4s.

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    Enneagram Type 4 - The Individualist

    You scored 83% on 4

    "Fours are image types who primarily identify with their feelings. They are moody and self-absorbed as well as very sensitive. They are disdainful, hostile even, towards being "normal" or "common". On the deepest of levels they are "different from others" and "true to themselves" and therefore significant, special, and unique. They are honest with themselves about how feelings are central to their lives and unlike twos and threes appear to wear their shame and vulnerability on their sleeve. Whether warranted or not fours attach subjective significance to their feelings from which they strive to create an identity embedded with their own stylistic signature that is their "personal statement" of who they are."

    You scored:
    69% 1,
    52% 2,
    66% 3,
    83% 4,
    59% 5,
    79% 6,
    59% 7,
    79% 8
    and 79% 9!


    “Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -- always darker, emptier and simpler.”
    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Enneagram Type 1 - The Moralist

    You scored 83% on 1

    "Ones idealize a moral purity that both transcends reality and is the foundation of it. They see the world through their perceptual filter of how things could be improved, the ideal as opposed to the real, which leads to a constant dissatisfaction with reality. They are eternally frustrated with all the flaws around them and with their eye for improvement feel it is their mission to fix them. They take pride in not wavering in their convictions no matter how unpopular and in resolutely pointing out the right way everybody ought to abide by. When everyone adheres to the same rules/ideals/principles there is fairness and order...and when people break the rules ones truly resent that. "You can't do that because if everyone did what you did..." is a common type one stream of consciousness."


    Your scores are:

    83% 1, 76% 2, 62% 3, 79% 4, 83% 5, 76% 6, 59% 7, 62% 8 and 76% 9!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post

    The 4 questions were off the mark, IMO. The focus for the 4 should be determining if someone feels shame & defectiveness, not if they like relationship drama. I always score 5 on tests which overemphasize drama for 4s.
    I take back what I said before. My type 4 wasn't as high as it usually is.
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    It said I got 90% for 6. I am really, really not a 6. I'm some combination of 7 and 8.

    There are some questions that are fuzzy and not necessarily type-related, like asking if you have emotions (a mature/healthy version of any type would answer yes to this), if you're loyal to your friends (has more to do with personal values than with type), the various ways you behave when stressed. Stress makes a personality squirt out in all sorts of unexpected and irrational ways that won't always make sense with your enneagram.

    Agreed that too many of the questions are two-parters. You can't really stick a disclaimer of "only agree to a question if you can relate to ALL PARTS of it" and expect people to not give conflicted responses when they relate strongly to one part of the question but not the other. Think about the question you actually want to ask and then simplify in such a way that you are clearly and directly asking only one thing. Resist the urge to clarify what you mean in the questions because you're causing a bias that could tamper with test results. Formulate clear questions and let them stand.

    I would be interested in seeing a breakdown of the questions and which question is supposed to indicate which type. I think you may have some faulty ideas of how the types express themselves or problems with intending the question(s) to indicate one type when it actually sounds like another.
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