It's easy to be mistyped by ennegram. I, for a substantial amount of time thought I was a four, but it didn't quite sit right, because first and foremost I am analytical, and I'm an observer. I'm more likely to question the system, or an action, than becry my uniqueness. The problem was I have an artistic streak, which is some thing the 5 profile de-emphasizes, and it highlights the researcher/academic characteristics. I do have a heavy 4 wing, but upon examining both profiles better I found I had more in common with the artistic fives, than I did with the fours.
Truth is no matter what I'm doing, where I'm doing it, I am a scientist at heart. I can put aside emotion, if my curiosity is peaked.
Most people have a core identity, worry, thought.....Take it out and examine it. Some times it's some thing people always say to you. The rest is just details, but there will be a common strand there that almost been there since childhood.