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    the understanding is, there is no such thing as a passion, where passions comes from is actually just a gap caused by a missing virtue, being inappropriately made up for by the utilization of other virtues, which are basically being contorted.
    And so sins/passions are really just contorted virtues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by senza_tema View Post
    Didn't you say @Little Linguist was a rushed 13?
    Would make sense. I would concur, actually. It's quite interesting that I've been actually trying to manage detachment lately and have become exceedingly good at it. Maybe too good. Hah, my husband has been praising my ability to engage in moderation lately. I'm proud of that fact, which brings me full circle. I'm excessively moderate. Or, to put it more effectively, I've become extreme in the other direction and the values cancel each other out.

    Whoa, that was a major bump. My mistake. I just returned.
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