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Actually, there seem to be very few INFJs willing to admit to a 6 enneagram...but I think that has more to do with what people WANT to be, than anything else...

I thought I was supposed to be a 4 at first, but it just didn't fit (there are aspects I relate to, but overall it doesn't fit.) I'm not enough of a special snowflake.
LOL, this NF 6 positively HATES people who think they are a "special snowflake". I am allergic to narcissism and arrogant pretensions to being more "enlightened" than us "sheeple". It is what I despise in both so many trying-to-hard "Artiste" types and snob types. You also see this mentality among conspiracy nuts, though they tend to be more of a mix of 4s and unhealthy CP 6s.