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    Quote Originally Posted by Hazashin View Post
    I'm very sorry for derailing this thread, S.I....

    It's cool

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    From my Enneatype thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Viridian View Post
    One (The Reformer)
    * I keep a tight rein on my temper
    * I've been called a perfectionist, which sounds about right (afraid that getting a C in a college class might mean I'm a failure)
    * I resent it when people don't follow some basic rules, like not running past yellow/red lights *cough*dad*cough*
    * I was the "well-behaved kid" in my class, wanted no part in rule-breaking and rabble-rousing
    * I'm not condemnatory (though a few people consider me critical), in fact I try my best to be tolerant
    * I'm not exactly a hard-working ox; while I try to be responsible and helpful, I'm not quite as diligent as some people I know
    * I'd feel very uncomfortable in a "mentor" or "teacher" position, which a lot of Ones seem comfortable with (I had a One math teacher once - the only teacher who wore a tie )
    * "Certitude" isn't one of my strong points; I often question whether my own judgement is worthy

    Two (The Helper)
    * I try my best to help people and avoid being seen as selfish
    * I'm a bit of a brown-noser (though a lot of the people I praise deserve the flattery, IMO)
    * I'd hate to be seen as unkind
    * I don't sacrifice too much of my free time
    * I seldom meddle (sometimes I'm all "not my business", unless they ask for my help)
    * I usually dislike children (boy, they are LOUD)
    * I do not assume a "caretaker" role spontaneously
    * While I try to be friendly, it takes a while for me to show my affection in a non-stilted way

    Three (The Achiever)
    * I care quite a bit about how I'm perceived
    * I'm pretty sensitive to humiliation
    * I do my best to be diplomatic
    * I often compare myself with others to see how I'm doing (if only to get some perspective)
    * I HATE the spotlight (though sometimes I display a bit of attention whoring - just ask Elfboy )
    * I am not very ambitious (hate taking big risks professionally for fear of failure)
    * I don't usually "know my audience", nor am I attuned to that particular aspect of interpersonal communication (I work better one-on-one)
    * I define success as "avoiding failure" more often than as "getting to the top"

    Four (The Individualist)
    * I've experienced a lot of envy growing up (once my position as "the classroom smart guy" was usurped )
    * The drama is my favorite film genre
    * I often see beauty in melancholy and melancholic people
    * I seek beauty in my theoretical explorations (boy, that sounded pretentious...)
    * I do not often feel "entitled" or "elite", and resent elitists
    * While I "shimmer under the surface", I don't wish to express emotional intensity
    * I don't naturally seek to express myself through art - in fact, I've been pressured to write more often...

    Five (The Investigator)
    * I'm a pretty solitary person; during vacations, I have little human contact
    * I often fear being overwhelmed by the demands of the world
    * I try to detach in order to subdue my distaste and anger (when present)
    * I used to be known in school as "the shy, smart guy"
    * My room is a bit of a "cocoon", where I explore the world (of fiction, more often than not) through books
    * I often "absorb more than I give" intelectually, according to a close relative of mine
    * I don't have much of an interest in science or literary theory; many college texts zoom right past my brain, especially when they're about (dun dun DUN) semiotics
    * I don't usually feel "intelectually superior" to my peers (though I think I might have in the past)

    Six (The Loyalist)
    * I'm a bit insecure, and enjoy it when people tell me "You're doing fine"
    * I'm kind of neurotic, but it often concerns my shortcomings rather than worst-case scenarios
    * I have a bit of fear of rejection, so I try to be friendly (sp-dom 6s do that, right?)
    * I try not to call too much attention to myself
    * Unlike many Sixes, I'm not politically involved, though I do vote
    * I don't seek groups or alliances - I have to be pushed to do so
    * I don't often have "a nose for danger" (tend to be pretty trusting)
    * I don't experience extremes of commitment or rebellion very often

    Seven (The Enthusiast)
    * When I meet people who enjoy my company and stimulate me (such as you guys ), I can get quite perky
    * I'm not impulsive, to the point where I usually miss opportunities
    * I HATE HATE HATE parties
    * I dislike taking risks of a physical or financial nature

    Eight (The Challenger)
    * I can sometimes be obstinate
    * I often draw boundaries between me and others, and try not to violate theirs
    * I'm usually pretty compliant, not confrontational
    * I have a bit of a hard time getting angry

    Nine (The Peacemaker)
    * I avoid conflict as much as I can
    * I often try not to "dampen" the atmosphere, so I try to be nice to people
    * I frequently go all "whatever you say, I got no idea"
    * I avoid intellectual contentiousness
    * Tolerance is a big value of mine
    * I'm usually a bit downcast on the inside (my 9w8 mom accused me of being "negative")
    * I can't shrug off failure easily
    * I like to have some order in my life
    * I have difficulty creating inner peace
    * I'm accused of being "too serious" by others
    * As said above, I experience quite a lot of neurosis and self-doubt
    * My mind is not usually "clear" or "fuzzy" so much as "filled with white noise made from fleeting thoughts"
    * I often try to plan ahead ("Tiresias told them, but did they listen?")
    (No wings here, sorry. )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viridian View Post
    (No wings here, sorry. )
    No reason to be sorry

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