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    Never heard ENTP can be 2w3

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    It's certainly not among the more common types for ENTP but I doubt it would be exceptionally rare (e.g ENTJ 9w1 sx/so); just an ENTP with reasonable Fe. Bear in mind, it was 'unhealthy' ENTP.

    Also, I really don't see much (or any) Ne in those Lana del Ray lyrics, seemed much more ESTP, maybe ESFP. Its aesthetic didn't fit with NT at all.
    Johari Nohari
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    Quote Originally Posted by CognitiveLiberty View Post
    The song's protagonist seemed like an INFP, less likely an INFJ. Got so much E4 ("you'll never know the real me") from that song. Also feel like a bit of 9, and perhaps a bit of 5 ("outside looking in"). Disagree it's E3, the song seemed like the anthem of E4

    Would say a tritype of 4w5 (sx/sp) 9w1 (sx/so) 5w4 (sp/sx).
    I think Mariah herself is a 3w4 (although I consider 6w7 every now and then...but I think her 6ish values and tendencies are the inner voice of her 6 soul child) so I feel like regardless of the song her lyrics might always have a 3w4 glossiness to them. She has a very flowery and eloquent command of the English language so there's a lot of precision behind the imagery she creates in her lyrics.

    I can see where @EJCC is coming from with the 3 though anyway. "You look at me and see the girl who lives inside the golden world, but don't believe
    that's all there is to see"
    sounds like the clashing between a 3's impressive outward persona and wounded true self. And at the same time I see where you got 4 with the ideas of your identity conflicting with the outside world. I don't see much 5 though, although I get 5 is supposed to be the type that is disconnected from the world and observes it from a distance I think 4s can feel as equally distant and disconnected. And while 5s innately prefer their shell out of choice, I think these lyrics have more of a longing for connection and the feeling of acceptance.

    MBTI...I have no idea. I think it's easier to interpret Enneagram with lyrics than MBTI.

    But obviously interpretations of lyrics are subjective and vary from person to person so I don't think there's one solid type for each set of lyrics posted in this thread...there'll just be more of a consensus for some more than others. EJCC sees it as 3w4, you see it as 4(w5?), and I see it as somewhere in between the 3 and 4 spectrum.

    Here's another one since we're on the topic.

    Petals - Mariah Carey

    I've often wondered if there's
    Ever been a perfect family
    I've always longed for undividedness
    And sought stability

    A flower taught me how to pray
    But as I grew, that flower changed
    She started flailing in the wind
    Like golden petals scattering

    And I miss you dandelion
    And even love you
    And I wish there was a way
    For me to trust you
    But it hurts me every time
    I try to touch you

    But I miss you dandelion
    And even love you

    I gravitated towards a patriarch
    So young predictably
    I was resigned to spend my life
    With a maze of misery

    A boy and a girl befriended me
    We bonded through despondency
    I stayed so long but finally
    I fled to save my sanity

    And I miss you little sis and
    Little brother
    And I hope you realize
    I'll always love you
    And although you're struggling
    You will recover
    And I miss you little sis and
    Little brother

    So many I considered
    Closest to me
    Turned on a dime and sold me
    Out dutifully
    Although that knife was chipping
    Away at me
    They turned their eyes away and
    Went home to sleep

    And I missed a lot of life
    But I'll recover
    Though I know you really like
    To see me suffer
    Still I wish that you and I'd
    Forgive each other
    'Cause I miss you, Valentine
    And really loved you

    I really loved you
    (I guess I loved you)
    I tried so hard
    But you drove me away
    To preserve my sanity

    I found the strength to break away
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    Quote Originally Posted by CognitiveLiberty View Post
    Stumped typing this. I thought it was written by (or at least the protagonist of the song) an INFJ, maybe INTP. 4w5, 5w4 sx/sp???

    I could see 6w5 for this perhaps. O: Dancing between the line of phobia and counterphobia. That's a tough one though.
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    Guilty until proven innocent
    We condemn your soul and fate
    Never mind the possibilities
    Too busy for logic or to calculate
    Take part in a diminishing breed
    Where complex turns to simplicity
    When pain is acknowledged
    Frivolous calculations will be abolished
    Without judgment what would we do?
    We would be forced to look
    At ourselves emerged in lost time
    Assuming what may be, without judgment
    Perception would increase a million times

    Read more: Death - Without Judgement Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    This song sounds like a 1w9 isfj

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