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    Quote Originally Posted by spiderfrommars View Post
    Are ENTJ 9s a phenomenon? Could you elaborate on this? I'm very curious about how the two interact, and if my typing makes sense.
    Yeah, maybe something of a hiccup in the system. Dom Te types do tend manifest as 1s, 8s, and 7s, in my experience, though I've known and come to recognize 9s. At the very least, I think the coexistence of entjs and isfps could serve as solid evidence for opposite types if ever considered for scientific validation.

    I have younger brother who is your type. Self-contained, mute, with a particularly slow-moving, all-consuming efficiency. Always been a kind, level-headed kid. Earns his perfect grades while staying active on teh club soccer scene, but prefers his privacy and accompanying self-autonomy (which extends as far as curling up in a corner on the couch to watch the Office for months) to everything else. Could (as you have) test as an sp/so e56 intp. His one buddy I remember is an sp/so e65 entj.

    Gets along really well with his socionics dual, my other younger brother, an so/sp e67 isfj, so I definitely wonder a lot about at which point of womb maturation our cells decided on one type rather than its opposite.

    thinking of you

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    Thanks! This is interesting. Your brother sounds similar to me; autonomy and privacy are important to me, and I would describe myself as self-contained, which lead me to believe I was an introvert for some time (I also had depression, though, so that screwed up my analysis). I can shut people out during breaks and zone out really heavily for weeks, trying to get my energy back up before school starts again. I definitely identify with the phrase "slow-moving efficiency". It sounds like I display (and perhaps feel?) a lot more anger than he does, though. I can lash out at people who "get in my way", or sometimes overdo mild annoyance and look like I'm furious! I'm a lot chattier, too.

    Good point about ENTJs and ISFPs– I can see how that could definitely lead to ENTJ 9s. I hadn't considered how shadows might affect enneagrams before but I definitely have experienced my ISFP shadow coming out (once again, during my depression).

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    An INTJ.
    Black and some earth color would be preferable, although I like red color above all.

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    Black =] ENFP 7w6

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleuthiness View Post
    entp 2s and 5s, entj 9s unaccounted for.

    infj 9s less common? Say what?

    Fewer infp 6s than 5s?

    How in the hell are istj 5s quite common?

    Lotsa fun little errors to pick at.
    The problem is that you are looking at a theoretical approach, rather than the statistics. Though the thought of an ENTJ/E-9 confuses me.

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    Light blue.

    Well, look at that.. the poll shows exactly what we'd expect.

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    Just call me snowflake. *preens*

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