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    Quote Originally Posted by Plush Cat View Post
    The thing is that all those instinctual variant and variant stacking descriptions also confuse me quite a lot. I guess they actually confuse everybody... In the end I've just decided to not pay any attention to them.

    I'm most likely a 6(w7) but if I went with what the variant descirptions say, I would be a 4 or a 5. I also do score 4 on all tests followed by 6 and 5 and then 9. And I neither relate to the variant descriptions of the 6 nor do I relate to most regular descriptions of it.
    I don't relate to variant descriptions of 6 either - I relate to sp 4 though. The main 6 descriptions are kind of hit and miss, but it depends on how you interpret them as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by brainheart View Post
    Six wing, maybe. Having it be my dominant type seems a stretch. I'm just not that cautious or distrustful. I am not a team player. I have never had an us vs them mentality, I don't root for the home team, etc.
    Sixes can be more me vs them than us vs them, and the team player thing is not a cert either. Sixes can feel alienated as well.

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    This information I found to be excellent:

    Cleared up a lot. I feel like I have it totally down now.

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