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    Default A Question About Finding Enneagram Tri(type/ads)

    I'm someone that has a pretty good understanding of the MBTI and the cognitive functions, but very little knowledge of the Enneagram.

    I had taken it previously and had gotten results that while relatable in some parts, didn't truly resonate with me (7). As a result, I dismissed the validity of the Enneagram system as a whole. As a textbook ENFP, I had never before experienced mistyping/being on the fence/being unsure as to what type I was, and I placed blame in the personality model.

    Recently, I retook the test multiple times to find that I am a 4 (The Individualist). I felt a sense of deja-vu stemming back from reading the results of my MBTI type-- how could something be so accurate and easily articulate the thoughts, worries, and fears floating around in my mind? I felt an intense sense of relief knowing that I was not alone in feeling lonely, disconnected, and missing something that others so easily have.

    (Various professionals have undermined my feelings and simply didn't understand -- attributing this to "being shy" or "not making enough of an effort in friendships", which has made me less and less inclined to seek counseling. I do feel a lot better having known now that people share with me these feelings).

    I then set out to find my wing, and my variant stacking. After reading various descriptions determined that my wing is 5, the Investigator/Observer, and my stackings are sx/so/sp.

    It's odd, I can't describe it-- my MBTI type, my Enneagram type, it's wing, and my stackings are all contradictory of one another (ie. outgoing yet withdrawn) but its a perfect fit. Is this even possible? I don't think I'm falling prey to the Forer effect at all.

    Anyway, on to the actual question! I see people with tritypes such as "9w8>6w5>2w3", and I wonder, how can I derive my own? Is it a merely a matter of taking a complete Enneagram test where the percentages are listed, taking the top three, and finding out the wing for each one? Is it something else? Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Well, short answer:

    one of the methods is to find the actual descriptions of triad types, if you can find ones appropriate to you. (You can Google the topic and stumble across descriptons for Fours and Fives and some of the others.)

    I'm not sure if people take an actual test, I was the impression they were just looking at their top heart, head, and gut scores... then looking to see if one of the wings for each was better suited.
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