This video is from an interview given back in 2001. Can any of the experts on this forum determine whether or not Li-lin is the e-3 based on this sampling of her personality? We don't know much about her beyond what is revealed in this video.

At 03:38 in this video, does the fact that she says "I don't know" about her type descriptions really mean she is a type 3 who is out of touch with her true self? Or is it just circular logic? (You're a type 3 - Well, I don't know - See! That proves it!) Perhaps Li-lin's skepticism indicates some truth about the other side of this debate about her type: that the Institute-trained "expert" in this video is really just full of it.

Edit - At 01:20, the host's claim that the test Li-lin took (RHETI? It has 144 questions) is "99% correct" is clearly a falsehood. NO PERSONALITY TEST is EVER that accurate.