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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    I'm a 5w6. Compared to the 5w4s, I tend to be more technical, precise, and scientific in my way of thinking. I am less tolerant of ambiguity and look for ways to reduce it. I'm less artistically inclined and care more about security and acceptance.
    Yeah, I don't think the Fives are as vastly different as the Eights, for example. But I'm definitely on the 5w4 end of things, I need the infusion of Four to feel alive; what feels good and right to a 5w6 (as you describe here) to me holds far less interest and feels empty/bleached out in some way. (To pick one particular shared field where focus differentiates, in speculative fiction it seems common for 5w6 to veer into the scifi angle and 5w4 into fantasy/horror even if both are highly imaginative and explore "human" issues). It's diving into the ambiguity and passion/intensity of emotional dynamics and meaning that catches my interest, and there's a very "personal-ness" to things, where I am looking for what makes people uniquely them, and special, which fits with Four focus -- the need to be recognized and/or set apart in some way.

    When I deal with 5w6, I feel they are cooler/colder in the analysis, need clearer delineation, whereas I like everything hotter and jumbled together into one textured resonance; they're more digital to my analog, in a way.

    And, like SI mentions, I think yes, if there's a strong 4w5, I can make a connection there.
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    I can see both 6w5 and 6w7 within me.

    I only say the former is slightly dominant due to 'persistence' of thoughts - I'll tend to stick with a general line of thought until I'm satisfied I've properly explored or analysed it (for the time being), but am easily distracted if not really interested in something.

    The differences between 6w5 and 6w7 are over-defined - there is a definite 'smudging' effect that means someone with a 5 wing can have some 6w7-ish traits and vice-versa. I assume it's the same for all types.

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