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    Default What other enneagram types do you tend to clash with?

    just wondering.

    Blunt 8s who have no real purpose with what they are doing/saying drive me up the wall. I love the 8s who know how to pick their battles.

    2s are typically well-meaning but if I have to be around a strong 2 for a while, then I start to feel suffocated. I react and usually want to retaliate against them. That's why I don't relate to the majority of my EFJ bethren.

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    I get along with almost all healthy types, but I class with a few unhealthy types
    8s: same reason as you. there is a difference between a healthy verbal/physical scuffle, a fight for legitimate purposes and conflict for it's own sake. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger is not always true. people who are controlling also REALLY piss me off
    counter phobic 6s: the same problem as with 8s, except more personal, more reactive and more spiteful. these types are afraid and envious of legitimately confident people and seem to try bring them down
    2s: I HATE people who try to guilt trip and thing that they have some sort of claim to me
    3s: unhealthy 3s are possibly my least favorite type. the type that only cares about their image and uses their kids and posterboys and virtual slaves.
    7s: it's true, we friggin suck under stress. 7s under stress turn into raging, critical ferocious 1s
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    6's when they start doubting everything and mistrusting makes me feel alone and makes me start doubting as well. 2's when they start emotionally guilttripping, 1's with their impossible standards. All types have their unhealthy state which tends to grate on others though, but these stand out for me.

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    1s sometimes when they're in a position of authority over me. I can sense a certain form of sadism on their side when they have to enforce rules which I generally try to dampen either directly or indirectly, plus oftentimes they hold certain convincitions which from my perspective are not sufficiently founded (ex. religion) and if/when I try to question them, they'll become ferocious. Probably my own behavior contributes to these issues, meaning that the same 1 would have no problem dealing with another person.
    8s when they really try to pick a fight and-or control me, but usually either we end up fighting directly (almost physically, if they're particularly violent), or we become friends.
    3s only when really unhealthy, their obvious and oblivious psychological tricks disgust me.

    Strangely enough, I never had a fight with a 2. If they try to guilt trip me...well, I'll just ignore them. If they rage...I'll just go away.
    ENTj 7-3-8 sx/sp

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