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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage Idealist View Post
    Is there reason to assume that a 4 sx couldn't be controlled and methodical?
    No, but it does sound more of a sp-dom thing. He doesn't display much raw passion.

    I still maintain that sp-dom is more than about "survival" or "comfort"...
    Tentative typing: ISFJ 6w5 or 9w1 (Sp/S[?]).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viridian View Post
    No, but it does sound more of a sp-dom thing. He doesn't display much raw passion.
    Nonsense, he's extremely passionate; he display a great level of a flamboyant manner, but also tend to go from being emotionally expressive/affably evil to being depressive to being happily evil in a quick amount of time. I mean is whole motivation is based off his own feelings, especially the feeling of losing something meaningful (his one true love) which manifests in a obsession of destruction.

    I still maintain that sp-dom is more than about "survival" or "comfort"...
    From what I know of it, sp-dom usually is concerned with that (I know I am! ). However Bleck doesn't seem all too preoccupied with such things.

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    6w5 Sx/So vs 8w9 Sx/So: Scar vs Mufasa
    I agree with Mufasa being 8w9.

    This scene especially resonates with me...

    [YOUTUBE="rw45nBcWNbQ"]Mufasa and Simba[/YOUTUBE]

    PS - big ups to analog animation I miss this shit.
    PPS - Mufasa = best fictional Dad ever.
    Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion.
    - Edmund Burke

    8w9 sx/so

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    sp/xx 7w6

    [YOUTUBE=""][YOUTUBE="7w6 sp/xx"][YOUTUBE=""][/YOUTUBE]
    We cast away priceless time in dreams, born of imagination, fed upon illusion, and put to death by reality. - Judy Garland

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    If anyone doesn't feel like they understand what ennea-type 4 is, then just study this album, particularly lyrically. Even the least flashy 4 of 4s will have had similar sentiments internally (dramatization of the "brokenness" or "hideousness" in an effort to manifest beauty/significance). Flamboyantly 4 lyrics are in spoilers.

    Honestly, this album was brilliantly written and crafted with intention.

    Some of the other songs on this album accurately depict the depth of emotion that 4s cling to, which is easily felt without even paying attention to the lyrics. The instrumentals... the pain in his vocals... clearly I am a bit obsessed with this album.
    Perpetual mood

    "It is not the personality's task to tell the truth,
    but to seem to, try to, or try to seem to."

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