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    Question Can anyone expand on this description?

    5w4 sx/so "Revolution" contributed by jase

    The most creatively energized and outspoken of Fives, they conceive of outlandish and idealistic alternatives to a reality they find deeply unfulfilling for the most part, and like to exhibit these radical visions, possibly through an art form if not through direct advocacy. Many sx/soc 5w4's are responsible for revolutionizing their creative fields, for better or worse. They aren't always comfortable in the visionary roles they might find themselves in, and may escape to extended periods of withdrawal to regain a sense of independence and security. This kind of retreat can surprise those who have mistaken them for a more conventionally driven, extroverted personality.
    Taken from here

    I REALLY relate to this, as well as the sx/so 9w1 description, but more-so this one, but sadly, I think that's too short!!! and want more, so I ask, can anyone expand on this? perhaps even give their own personal experiences?. I'm curious to know. On a personal note, I've noticed over my interactions today, that as an sx/so 5w4 I tend to attract alot of controversy, not like everyday there is something new, but certain statements I make may seem abrasive or authoritative or as if they carry some weight (it appears to others) but my intent was neither offense nor any sort of malicious action, Is this typical for sx/so 5w4's to sort of incidentally piss people off? even when they aren't trying?. It's really been getting to me, yeah it sucks ending connections with people. Anyhow, any thoughts on this matter would be great!

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    I think it's typical of the sx/so in general, so, yes. Or probably anyone who is sexual variant dominant. I mean, I'm a 9 for crying out loud, but I seem to rub people wrong plenty (nothing perverted intended, what can I say, we sx-doms tend to have those sort of minds...)

    Riso-Hudson say the sx 9 is the "sassiest", most aggressive 9, can be critical and demanding, and very 4-like. They say the sx 5 tends to be very open and merged with their romantic interest, like a 9. It would seem like any intense introvert (which the sx doms will be) is going to be more prone to offend or ruffle feathers. In general, introverts aren't as great in the social skills dept as extroverts are, so if we're feeling compelled to talk, it will probably be with less grace...

    Otherwise, doubt I can help you...

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    A London-based sx/so e54 infp I've been in contact with for the better part of a decade usually chooses to utilize his respective social networks and sub networks to find affection rather than isolated information, as safety is found in the digital company of people with like interests, particularly the opposite sex with their face as the avatar.

    He seems to search for more energy in his music (tornado of dead bird parts and party supplies); a comparatively messy listener, he's more apt to repeat himself to form lasting impression on his target audience, rub people as a knowitall, etc., but being a covert knowitall myself, I'm fully aware of how the game's arranged.

    On a larger scale at least, far more dynamic than me, with huge reserves of pent-up energy, though always seems to find an outlet,

    where I'm more about efficiency and tying up loose ends, tracing cold leads to the bare and keeping my words to a minimum.

    I consider him an equal in terms of knowledge, respect his ability to quickly grasp trends, anticipating future trends, though inability to separate sexual burble gurrgle from the stream inevitably taints that crystal-clear vision he aspires towards or hints at having.

    thinking of you

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