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    5w4 sx/sp
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    Default If Enneatypes were RPG classes

    not drawn from any RPG in particular. feel free to use classes from any RPG you're familiar with

    1w9 paladin
    1w2 cleric/priest/priestess
    2w1 white mage
    2w3 blue mage
    3w2 knight
    3w4 musketeer
    4w3 bard (voice)
    4w5 instrumental bard
    5w4 necromancer
    5w6 black mage
    6w5 archer
    6w7 body guard
    7w6 acrobat
    7w8 ranger
    8w7 warrior
    8w9 mercenary
    9w8 martial artists
    9w1 summoner

    PS: I originally posted this in the wrong place lol, we should be good now though

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    1: Support
    2: Healing
    3: Special (Stealing, Controlling Monsters, etc)
    4: Magic
    5: Debuff
    6: Defense (Tanking)
    7: Combo/Speedy classes
    8: Physical
    9: Passive skills based classes/counters
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    5w4 necromancer
    5w6 black mage
    I can see that for 5w4, but perhaps maybe a mix of the two black mage and necromancer for 5w4, there is an attraction to the 'dark side' even if it's for the purpose of healing or being some type of senex archetype.

    When I think of 5w4 I think of a mage-priest-healer hybrid waaaay to complex to be fixed into one singular class.

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