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I believe, at least on the enneagram site I took my test at, that a tie like that usually means you're a primary 6, with another wing or two. Here's the link if you need it, or if you haven't figured your type out already.
I think this explains your dilemma fairly well, and may even narrow it down for you.
So if I have 5 and 6 exactly tied, and barely above a few others, that implies 6w5 rather than 5w6?

I read the link and I didn't like how they phrased their explanation at all:
A Six may also have scores that do not follow a discernible pattern. Sixes tend to internalize the values and motivations of people that are important to them in an attempt to find stability and security; thus when answering test questions, they may answer from multiple clusters of values, not knowing which is most fundamental to them, resulting in scores scattered across the types.
But I suppose if I translate that into a more neutral "weak Fi", I could agree with that.....

But the description for 5 doesn't seem terribly high in Fi, either (if anything, it seems more "T" than 6 does).