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    I'm flattered.
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    This will not end well...
    But it will at least be poetic, I suppose...

    Hmm... But what if it does end well?
    Then I suppose it will be a different sort of poetry, a preferable sort...
    A sort I could become accustomed to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    My experience with INTP 5w4s is we clique quickly and have so much to say to one another because we share so many similar interests (when we're both generally quiet, reserved & very private types); but at the end of the day, they're too insensitive and I'm too sensitive. They gauge my sensitivity wrong because on the outside I'm not the warm, gooey woman that usually overwhelms and annoys them. I find them abrasive because their head is too far up their butt to see their not as "objective" as they'd like to believe, so their comments are very much personal even if not intended to be. They're also moody & fickle little buggers; far worse than I am.

    Short answer: I'm usually drawn to them, and it seems mutual, but I think it would take two really healthy versions of us to work in the long term.
    Perfect answer.

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