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    Default My enneagram type. INFJ asking...

    Well, I need some help figuring out my enneagram type, so I want some opinions of people who are more familiar with this system...

    I get many different results, sometimes I score 4, 1, and even 8! In the last test I took, I got 1...

    Here I'll post my description I once made for the "What's my type?" sub-forum. It's the best self-description I ever made...

    One of my principal characteristics is that I always have been an abstract kind of person, very imaginative. But, though I am a dreamer, highly idealistic and romantic, I'm not the kind of person who thinks of life as a kind of fairytale. I know very well the dangers and bad things in this world, what can make people that are older than me think of me as a very mature person (I'm 18). I have always been a very different and kinda strange person, but I'm not showy about this, people only know these things when they talk to me.
    I have difficulties to find a love, because I tend to idealize people and, having a stereotype in my head I never dated because the guys who liked me wasn't "The One" I imagined.
    I'm expressive about my feelings toward others but I'm not easy to read. I try to hide my passions, though it always "emerges to the surface". People see me as a mystery.
    I like to imagine how things will occur, and when it's not what I thought, I become frustrated.
    I'm quiet, but I like voicing my opinions and standing up for myself (what polarize the opinions about me) and I can be playful among my closest friends. I'm very eloquent too, and a very good listener.
    I love helping people to solve their problems, principally the moral and emotional ones. I always have a good word to help everyone who comes to me asking for advice. People consider me a great counsellor.
    I'm a very righteous person. I hate doing wrong things and I become nervous with people who don't, who understands me usually listen my complaints, but other people may think I'm boring. I am compassive, and hate to hurt people.
    Sometimes I appear very serene, and another time completely agressive and blunt. Although I'm quiet, I'm not passive and can be very assertive and I'm not shy at all, only in given situations. I'm not dramatic nor "attention whore", and I hate appearing weak, though I am delicate and kind. I don't like surprises, because I tend to view the world and happenings as very predictable things, because of my capacity of anticipate events accurately, in a way that is very complex, clueless. I like to have a plan in my mind to everything, for all the situations I imagine. I cope well with problematic, complex people, and get along well with almost everyone, but I have few friends. It's rare to me to initiate contacts or talk to strange people.

    To finish, my hobbies are reading, writing, listening and playing music, acting (imitating people to make people laugh, what I like to do) and I want to be a college teacher. I have many interests in my life, and a big curiosity.
    Any guesses?

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    Your description could almost be used as a poster for Type 6 ...

    6's often test as type 4 and often appear type 8 like when stressed.

    My guess is type 6 with a 5 wing

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    Yeah there's a lot of 6 going on there.
    That girls are raped, that two boys knife a third,
    Were axioms to him, who'd never heard
    Of any world where promises were kept,
    Or one could weep because another wept.

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    Thank you all... I was reading some 6 profiles and it made lots of sense. And with a 5 wing, that I had even when I considered being a 4...

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