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    Question Enneatype in children?

    I happened to find this article on Yahoo Canada news, just a bit of food for thought:

    Personality set for life by 1st grade, study suggests - Yahoo! Canada News

    Do you think enneatype develops quite early or it comes with life experience? In my case, I know I wasn't a perfectionistic One as a child at all. Influence and harsh discipline from my ESTJ mom, ISTJ big brother and ISTJ piano teacher ended up making me that, I think.

    Did you have your enneatype traits as a child already?

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    i heard from a lot of people they were in their disintegration point during childhood.

    it applies to me, at least from age 10+ i was totally in unhealthy 9... heard this from other 3s, and 8s...

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    If you were to ask the people that I know, how I was as a child (before middle school,) chances are that I'll sound like a 9w1. I was patient, helpful. enthusiastic, a bit playful, and kind of shy around new people. I did tended to have my moments where I was kind of intolerable. But overall, I was a good child.

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    If I am correct in surmising that enneagram concerns the 'unconscious' or 'subconscious', and that what creates this world below the surface is experience, I'd say early life experience shapes enneatype significantly.

    I can actually provide an explanation as to the early life experiences that played apart in my tritype. Given that I am still deciding what has always governed my life out of the three, I can't pinpoint exactly, what early life experience that have carried through to current "behaviour" the most.

    As someone who has watched their younger twin siblings grow up from the outside, I noticed distinct personality differences from a very young age (below one). This is a period where the brain is very flexible; neuron connections occur at a very fast rate. Given this period of immense adaptability, it makes sense to me that ALL very early experiences can shape children, even those some may consider to be 'trivial'.

    However, given that there is a strong cognitive argument for psychological development and personality development, I think the environment does not just "make us"; but that experience interacts with genes to form the individual. If we can arrange people into 'types', then it follows that this gene+environment interaction takes place with effects that are able to be categorised by theories with differing degrees of accuracy (and thus the observable patterns are, in some way predictable).

    I think how we see ourself grow up, and how our parents (or those closest to us) observe our development may be different. My parents would probably say I have consistently shown (as I have developed) a 9w1 personality. However, a person who has briefly known me, asserts that I am a 4w3, and I can see that as well, but mainly today, and not when I was a child.

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    this is a good question. I was 4-ish as hell growing up: melodramatic, imaginative, resisted fitting in, musical, and idealistic, but perhaps that's just a trait of IFP and ENP children

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    I was a bit on the unhappy side as a child. I lived with 5 Js, so I grew tired of their controlling and boring nature, so I might have become an 8w7 to cope with that. But I think there were life events

    i heard from a lot of people they were in their disintegration point during childhood.
    I can relate I think. When I said I was unhappy as a child, I can see a lot of negative 5 traits. I was reclusive and cynical for sure.

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