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    Default Help out with my enneagram

    I've never enneatyped (is that the right word for it?) myself, though I've done the test a couple of times. The results were between four and nine and I could have picked either of them, and then got bored as I saw myself also in two and five.

    But, a couple of days ago I read this:

    And it started to make some sense. I don't know enough about enneagram, so anyone who does, tell me, can it go something like this: I am basically a nine, but depending on the situation I slide up and down on the emotional variable while keeping the behavioral variable the same. It seems like when I am in a situation demanding extroversion, I will become more like a four, and when I am analyzing something I become more like five (maybe bordering nine), but the basic attitude I always come back to is nine.

    I don't know, maybe this is silly to anyone who knows what they are talking about? What would the wing be in this kind of situation? I am also having some trouble understanding how big effect the instinctual variant has on the type. I am quite clearly sx/so.

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    I would say that your experience is very unique to Nines, who are so good at adapting themselves to those around them, that they often have a really hard time typing themselves. Many times they relate so many or the types that they become frustrated with the process. But, it is the quality that makes them Nines that makes them hard to type. The Enneagram in particular is not as quick of a thing to figure out as the MBTI is. But, I think once you have accurately typed yourself, I think it's so much more helpful overall.

    Maybe other Nines can weight in on whether your experience has been similar for them. As far as the variants, I think the degree they affect the persons' behavior really varies from person to person and type to type. Some people don't seem to have a very strong leaning towards one variant, and therefor it's not that noticable. Others have such a strong leaning that it influences a lot of their personality.
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