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    Default Answer the questions as a 20yr old

    In the Everything Enneagram Book, the instructions for the test advise that you answer the questions as you would when you were twenty (if you're older, of course). For some goof ball reason, I didn't do that when I took it the first time- something to do with my never liking to follow directions, I suppose...

    So, anyhoo, yesterday I did. It made everything crystal clear. For one, I tested 100% a type 4 (as in my answer to every single one of the type four questions was 'often'). What it came down to-

    Me at 20: 4 7 183 65 2 9
    Me now (36): 97 4/25 6/8/1 3

    (the slashes mean ties; spaces signify how close they were in the results)

    It's pretty insane to me that 9 comes out on top now (albeit barely) when before it would have been at the absolute bottom. Likewise, look at how much three has descended, while two and five have also worked their way up. I attribute some of this to being a stay-at-home mom, some to a bipolar episode which occurred a few years back and the lingering depression. (which up to taking this test I didn't really think existed. I 'feel' fine, but I'm also hiding and playing it safe so as to not rock the boat, so to speak.

    Also, something I noticed was that when I tested at twenty, there was an absolute confidence to my answers. Now, there's a sort of hesitant ambiguity.

    I did the same with the MBTI test in Lenore Thomson's Personality Types. Now, I come out as an extreme introvert ISFP. Testing at twenty, it's an almost ambivert INFP. (I 'officially' took the MBTI in high school and came out as an INFP, so there's further confirmation.)

    Anyway, my point is that if you are older, taking the test as you would when you were twenty or so might really clear things up. I know it did for me.

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    That is interesting! I wish I had taken an Enneagram test when I was younger to compare. I think for me, I would test the same type, but I've more fully developed my Four wing in adulthood, whereas at 20 I would have been more clearer just a Three with no wing. But I'm not sure.... I'll have to try it now- if I can get back into my 20ish mindset. That should be interesting....

    I did test the MB when I was 16, but I threw the results to be the perfect "match" for the boy I liked at the time who was really into it.
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    Well, if I took the test back then, I would have been an INTx. I don't really identify with that.

    EDIT: Answered the test as if a 20 year old for fun.


    Introverted (I) 87.1% Extroverted (E) 12.9%
    Intuitive (N) 59.26% Sensing (S) 40.74%
    Thinking (T) 84.38% Feeling (F) 15.63%
    Judging (J) 55.88% Perceiving (P) 44.12%

    The thing is, the way I see it, the social isolation I experienced at that time lead me to become much more angry and try to get rid of my feelings. It must have distorted the type.

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    I've noticed that with time, my MBTI results are pushing closer and closer to INFP. I was first introduced to MBTI 15 years ago back in high school and I remember at that time, I scored about 60% introverted, on the fence between S/N, about 70% thinking , and 85% judging. I achieved similar results in college around the age of 20.

    Today I score about 90% introverted, which is about right. I think earlier on when I took tests, I just didn't want to admit to preferring introversion on some of the questions. There's just a stigma associated with introversion. Preferring to eat lunch alone rather than with other students? Unthinkable!!

    I think I also wanted to believe I was more S than I really am deep down. I wanted to think I was realistic and down to earth and practical . American society values those qualities more than someone who has their head in the clouds all the time. Now I've learned to accept that by nature I'm rather a dreamy head in the clouds sort whose most interested in the more theoretical stuff and that's okay. There's good things about that too. So now, I usually get strong N, about 80%, which sounds right.

    The T/F is interesting because its one scale where I've shifted more towards the middle. I can think
    of a few reasons for this. First, as people get older, they do start to develop their weaker functions more and start to see more value in utilizing them and become more interested in matters concerning those functions. Second, as a female, there's pressure in society to be more F like. So lately, I've been scoring close to the middle on the T/F scale, and sometimes, I'll even score F. Also, at that time, I wanted be able to see myself as strong and firm and thick skinned, whereas now I'm owning up to the fact that tend towards seeing more exceptions to the rule and not so thick skinned. I'm more willing to admit my weaknesses. So some of the questions I would have answered as T when younger, I would now answer as F.

    The J/P is where the most drastic change in test results has taken place. Not that my type has changed, just my level of self-awareness. When I was younger, I thought J was good. Being punctual, getting things done, being decisive, being organized. It sure sounded a lot more desirable to me than being a procrastinator, disorganized, or indecisive. But now I realize I was answering a lot of those questions more from my desired self than my true self. And American society tends to value J qualities more than P ones. Now I take the test, and come close to the middle on the J/P scale. Sometimes coming out J, sometimes P. Usually a slight preference either way. But when getting feedback from others, most say P for me. I think deep down I am a P. I'm pretty wishy-washy and prone to procrastination even though I still don't like to admit this to myself. But you know what? There is a plus side to these qualities. Indecisiveness and procrastination turned around can also mean more flexibility. The willingness to consider various options and possibilities before just jumping into something that may not be right. Difficulty sticking to a tight routine or schedule allows for more spontaneity and makes life less dull. I think I still employ some wishful J thinking when doing some questionairres but much less than before.

    Maybe I should just go ahead and call myself an INTP already.

    I don't own the everything enneagram book but I remember first being introduced to the enneagram in college and scoring as a type 1. My type order went something like this: 1 > 3/5 > 6/9 > 7 > 4 > 8 > 2

    My current type order goes something like this:

    5 > 1/6/9 > 3/4 > 7 > 2 > 8
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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