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    I thought this was quite good, and lines up with what I've enneagrammed myself as. Definitely B/D for me.

    B was the obvious choice within the A/B/C question. I'm definitely not A, and although I think I aspire to C, B describes my natural state.

    Within the D/E/F, there were elements of F which fit, but ultimately when it comes to conflict and how I handle my emotions around others, I am incredibly D-ish (and have been told by a few people during conflict that I'm cold and detached, and once, even robotic - although, lol, the 'robotic' element was just because I refused to react as dramatically as the other person... someone needs to stay calm!!). I'm also extremely self-controlled (that has been an element of myself my entire life) and 'efficient'.
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    Huh, this is pretty good. I'm definitely B,F, so type 4. I've only done the Enneagram test once, and I tested 5w4, but I've always kind of thought 4w5 sounds more like me.
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