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    Default Enneagram & Instinct Test Results

    How much does enneagram influence instinct in test results?

    I ask because my latest enneagram test is pretty typical of what I get: As I'm a 7 I'm Sp, if I was a 3 I'd be So, all other types would place me as Sx.

    Is this because of suggestions made in this thread about certain enneagram/instinct combinations not gelling as well as others, or what?

    Just curious.

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    It seems in that particular test the instincts are used to balance out the results. I remember seeing three results of kdude's tests where the instincts balanced out to a similar kind of personality. That is how it seems to me.

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    i have the same thing going on. i get 7w6 so first, or 9w8 sx, etc. i assumed that it's for minor balancing... 7 is adventurous, w6 is more reserved, so is more reserved. 9 is much less active and aggressive than 7, hence the w8 and sx. i'd just like to see the mathematical system behind the scoring, it must be so intricate

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