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ESTPs can vote in the poll too. I can't seem to edit the poll title for some reason.

And as for why I think Sx is incompatible with ENTP, it's because I thought SX was the opposite of what they wanted (that is, unless you borrow the ENTP's E and sandwich it between the 2 letters for a good threesome)

I figured that instead of focusing on one person or being obsessed with romance (which I take, is what sx represents, at least partially), it would focus on the whole world and people in general - so.

I can maybe see so/sx. The 2ndary sx gives them just an edge of charisma, but it's "social" that represents their long-range desires. As an so/sp, I don't really like one-on-one conversations. I'd prefer a group setting. Much livelier, less pressure, and kinder to my attention spa
Not quite being obsessed with romance, but with intensity of personal relationships. That could be with friends, acquaintances, etc.
ENTPs enjoy debating and simply throwing ideas on people and interpreting how they react. I take intimate knowledge of other people helps on that task.

I'd say enfps are more likely to be SO, as SOs seek long term connections with many people as possible, in a sense they instinctively adapt themselves to serve the collective.