I've been reading the "doms" threads -- very interesting -- and thought it would be useful to have a thread discussing how these instincts interact w/others.

I believe, as some E teachers have argued, that one's instinctual stacking is more fundamental to a person than his or her Type, that the Type (3, 4, 5) simply determines HOW the instinct gets expressed, or distorted. So "healing"the instinct rather than simply the Type fixation should be the focus for one's growth.

I'll use myself as an example of what I'd like this thread to be about. I'm sx/so (4w3) and my SO is sp/sx (5w6). There are some ways in which our stacking is very complementary; his sp balances my sx and vice-versa and this has worked very for us in many ways. However, I can feel at times that he's not self-revealing enough, like when there's a problem in our relationship and he doesn't discuss what's going on inside him so I'm just left to guess and we don't fully process and move beyond the problem (which inevitably arises again since it hasn't been dealt with). Or sometimes I feel that he's too "dry" and he feels I'm too intense.

What are some examples from your own observation/experience?