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    INTP 5w6 might look a lot like ISTP and ISTP 5w4 might look a lot like INTP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalemate View Post
    I considered creating a type 10 and becoming the first member of the 10 Club.
    That, I like.

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    Great commentary so far!

    Did just want to add though that some of these combinations can indicate mistypes in both systems, rather than one or the other.

    I used to type as ISFP 5, which was...very odd. People told me I was ISTP, even INTP. Or 4w5, 6w5, etc. Turned out I was a well-integrated (7 --> 5) and socially reserved ("I"/"E") ESFP 7 all along, which is a very common combination (ESFP 7 that is).

    Quote Originally Posted by JocktheMotie View Post
    It's very hard to separate the 5 enneagram from sp instincts, as they're very closely intertwined. I used to think I was Sp, but when I really thought about it, I discovered it was really just my 5 traits in action. I'm still looking in to how instincts manifest themselves [is it only socially?] but that's what I've discovered.
    This too. I'm very much SP-dom, which led to me mistyping as 5, when really I'm just a 7 with a strong connection to 5.
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    This is so cool! Could this relate to tritypes in any way?

    Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?
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    If you takes a circular piece of paper representing the self and divide it into 16 parts, then take another one and divide it into 9 parts, no matter how the divisions are made, each part of the whole of one will overlap one or more parts of the whole of the other.

    Never understood people dividing up the whole of the individual in one system, doing the same in the other, and saying the two's overlapping pieces will be different between individuals. If one cannot maintain set criterion in the divisions within and between systems in a lineated and non-contradictory manner, then one is simply rationalizing their irrational and inconsistent personal views.

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