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    Wink Trying to figure out 4 or 9

    Hi everyone, im new here and i think this is a great place and im glad i found you all . I am an infp, it fits me the best but on ennegrams sometimes i come out as 4 other times i come out as 9, and they both fit me very good, is it possible to be both. i have very strong emotions but i only share them with close friends, i keep them deep inside with people i dont know, im prone to be sad, but i do have depression so that could have somethig to do with it, i rather be mellow yellow and peaceful, i feel happiest when im that way, people say im pretty much happy, i do try to distract mysel then im nervous, and usally if i have negitive strong emotions i try to block it out so i don't get too upset, thank you

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    Join us on this thread =) 9 or 4....or?
    I want to be alive To all the life that is in me now, to know each moment to the uttermost.
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