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    Default How do you know if you're in the 'healthy' ennegram range?

    I'm very confused whether I'm within that 'healthy' ennegram range. I mean I type myself as a type 2, but I think I'm selfish? But how do you know that you're selfish? It's contradictory..

    How do you know you are 'healthy' and 'love yourself'? Just asking for opinions !

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    Do you mean how can you be self aware and know if you're being healthy, or what's healthy for your enneagram? Cause if it's the latter there's healthy to unhealthy write ups here that may help you identify where you are. If it's the first and you struggle with self awareness ask friends and family how they read your behaviour, you can even make it click-a-box-easy for them by linking them into one of these johari - nohari.

    But yes, people can be selfish and aware about that point.

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    I guess you can feel it? My guess is that if you're not depressed, and not on top of the world, then you're probably falling in the average category.
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