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    Quote Originally Posted by jeanlee411 View Post
    I accept with information:
    My tritype is definitely 5-1-4 (my test results for the Enneagram suggest 5-9-4, but all the people that know would agree that I'm not as laid-back and passive-agressive at this type).

    My question is, if you add the wings to each type, are you able to use the 5 wing on the 4 part of the tritype? As in 5w4-1w9-4w5... or would it have to be a 4w3 at the end? Having a 5w4 and 4w5 in the tritype just seems a bit weird, so anyone who is wiser with the Enneagram than I might be able to help me. Cheers

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    Hmm so I'm a 5-4-1 not sure if it contradicts being an sx/so 5w4....

    5-4-1: these Fives are perhaps the most typical of this type’s usual description – they’re withdrawn, imaginative, ingenious, detail-oriented and sensitive. Very intelligent and creative but also somewhat capricious, fussy and impractical, they have explicit standards of intellectual ability and artistic taste and tend to reject and ridicule anything and anyone that doesn’t rise up to them. Typical isolationists who feel misunderstood by society, they hide in their ivory tower of ideas and ideals, abstractly reconstructing reality according to their own terms.
    typical subtypes: self-preserving, sexual, 5w4
    similar tritypes: 4-5-1, 1-5-4

    flavours: individualistic, elegant, inventive and nit-picking

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