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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    One thing that I thought of today, about the aloofness. The instinctive types are all about controlling reality in some way. I think that 9's have varying degrees of aloofness depending on how much we trust the person/people that we're with. The more I thought about when I did this, the more I realized that I'm less aloof around people that I am more comfortable with and who I like. When I'm less aloof, I'm more caring. Perhaps a merge happens when we totally leave behind the aloof defense. We are aloof because we don't want to be vulnerable to people; we don't want to be controlled. We don't want our inner peace to be disturbed. When we trust people to not do this, we let down that defense. It took me two years to totally open up to my best friend (for a year of those two I considered him my best, so it takes a little bit of time), and now it's like there are no limits. I'm not afraid of him disturbing my peace (which he doesn't), and I'm not afraid of disturbing his peace. It makes me feel very much at ease to know that. Also, he doesn't drain my energy at all. Most introverts get drained by people, but when I've merged somewhat or fully with someone, I don't get drained at all. There are a few others that I know that are pretty close to that mark too. Not too many make it there.

    It's weird. I care a lot, yet I don't. I keep a safe distance from life itself it seems.
    I had just noticed recently about the caring, yet distancing to stay safe thing in myself too. You explained it really well!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaur View Post
    I just want to know why I end up talking to so many E9.
    that's because you're a 7
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    effortlessly mirroring energy is my best guess. A nine could probably just project the energy of others until it seems as if the two people are just one.
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