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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    You can take on the traits of the type you integrate into consciously. And integration is what helps you grow/makes you a more balanced person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by the state i am in View Post
    you obviously have no 9. and you're obviously not a 5, or you'd have better information. 8w7? identifying with the hyper Te judginess of 1, but without context or content (iNtuitive e1 might focus on foreseeing a future plan that would actually improve something?)?
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    Strange that 1 and 9, my numbers, are said to be Instincts. I never really thought of myself as an Instinct person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Take Five View Post
    Strange that 1 and 9, my numbers, are said to be Instincts. I never really thought of myself as an Instinct person.
    lol. The word "instinct" does press a lot of buttons for a 1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Take Five View Post
    Strange that 1 and 9, my numbers, are said to be Instincts. I never really thought of myself as an Instinct person.
    Ha. No one knows instinctual repression like a 1w9 (or 9w1) does.

    'Coping & Pasting':

    "Ones attempt to control or repress their anger and instinctual energy. They feel that they must stay in control of themselves, especially of their instinctual impulses and angry feelings at all times. They would like to direct these energies according to the dictates of their highly developed inner critic (superego), the source of their strictures on themselves and others.

    Nines deny their anger and instinctual energies as if to say, "What anger? I am not a person who gets angry." Nines are the type most out of touch with their anger and instinctual energies, often feeling threatened by them. Of course, Nines get angry like everyone else, but try to stay out of their darker feelings by focusing on idealizations of their relationships and their world."

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    • Maybe this is a helpful way of looking at it?

    • or this:

    "Contrary to popular notions, opinions and beliefs have their basis in the instincts, in the gut. When we assert a position ("This is absolutely the way it is!") the certainty of our view comes from our gut. If we are present enough to notice, we can feel this when we express a strong opinion. And indeed, Ones are people of strong convictions and opinions as befitting a type in the Instinctive (or Gut) Triad. Average to unhealthy Ones are entirely convinced of the rightness of their views, and respect people who hold similar strength in their convictions. They think as a way of buttressing their already established beliefs."

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
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    Until I can get hold of an Enneagram book from a library (it's Christmas, I'm poor) can someone just tell me whether I've understood the system right? Whether I'm 6w5 or 6w7 depends on exactly what the wings do.

    I relate more to the overall tone of the 7 wing descriptions. I'm not cynical or sarcastic except in a gently humourous way at times. I don't think I have the hard edge of the w5. I have terrible trouble developing a few talents well instead of getting bored of each and moving on after a few days or weeks, usually getting back round to it periodically. At first I thought my tendency to avoid taking on commitments and obligations was a symptom of 5, but my reason is quite 7-like: what I'll feel like doing in five minutes is not at all predictable, so I hate feeling tied down because I want to be free to follow my own whims and mood shifts, keep my options open in other words. Is that also the reasoning behind Five behaviour? If not, why do Fives shun commitments?

    But beyond that, I don't act much like an actual Seven on the surface at all because I don't value excitement as much, and I'm not sure how important that's supposed to be, as the wing surely only influences the manifestation of the dominant style, it's not the second most prominent style. The second most prominent style is in one of the other triads, isn't it? You only get behavioural/mental similarities from the wing, not the fundamental priorities, isn't that right? I don't have the fundamental priorities (competence, excitement) of either wing. In terms of priorities, I'm closest to the Four and the One, which works nicely under the Trifix system.

    Superficially, I act much more like a actual Five - preferring to spend a lot of time alone, autodidactic, contemplative. I've read that Riso recommends that the dominant wing is the wing with the higher score in the RHETTI. Doing it that way (though I've only taken a free sample) I'd be a w5, no question. However, with the Trifix, my second Enneagram style is 4w5. That could be where the 5 behaviour is coming from, allowing me to still have a Seven wing on my Six.
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