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    Default first-borns, family responsibility, and Pi vs Pe

    are first-borns more frequently Pi than Pe? especially in a family situation dealing with serious stress? it's a question with no support and little thought, but a question mark that says go/green light.

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    I'm not sure of the overall stats here.

    For me, I am the eldest in my family, very Pe, and my family was alcoholic (dad, and impacting all of us deeply). I felt like I had no control, I only had control over my inner world; I needed a flexy function to deal with the impossible-to-change external reality.

    My Te really sucks too. I never bothered to really complete everything, nor did I learn any sense of how to complete real-life tasks from my parents. (My dad was drunk and never finished anything, my mom was mentally disorganized.)

    So why would you think that Pi would dominate in a situation like this? (Maybe you want to let some more answers accumulate before offering that viewpoint.)
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