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Here's a link to the poll results from the INFP forum:

infp.globalchatter.com :: View topic - What enneagram type are you?

Be aware that while the majority of forum users are INFP,
there are other "types."
Frankly, I think those who came out E5 aren't INFPs at all.
They are more likely IXTX's.
Thanks! Huh, interesting. See...I almost always get Four as a result on tests, which is very INFP, of course. 4w3 is more specifically what I get sometimes, if the test is more complex. However, I have gotten 6 and 6w7 as a result, and some people on typewatch.net (enneagram central!) seem to think that my communication style is much more 6 than 4, and I've found that a phobic sx 6w7 can sometimes appear to be a 4w3.

So more or less I'm confused! Ha!