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    Default Changing enneagram type

    Is this possible? Can people naturally and/or consciously change their dominant enneagram type? Like with me, my dominant type is 9, followed by 5, then 8. I'd like to develop my 8 side more. How does one go about doing that?

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    From here:

    Ultimately, the goal is for each of us to "move around" the Enneagram, integrating what each type symbolizes and acquiring the healthy potentials of all the types. The ideal is to become a balanced, fully functioning person who can draw on the power (or from the Latin, "virtue") of each as needed. Each of the types of the Enneagram symbolizes different important aspects of what we need to achieve this end. The personality type we begin life with is therefore less important ultimately than how well (or badly) we use our type as the beginning point for our self-development and self-realization.
    So, yes, it seems that learning from all of the Enneagram types and developing the virtues of each is one of the major ideas of the Enneagram.

    As far as how to do so? That I'd like to know.

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