In my opinion,every enneagram has a purpose in a sense. enneagram 1s are known for their standards,if it is in morality,cleanliness and music and so on. enneagram 2s can make good psychologist and are known for showing compassion. enneagram 3s,you can be anything if you put your mind to it or to keep going to the end,enneagram 4s are known for being creative and artistic in anything they do. Enneagram 5s gain knowledge that could save a lot of people's lives if they are willing to listen and see catostraphe before it.enneagram 6s are known for their loyalty. 7s reminds us to be opened ended and not afraid to be explore the world and they could be fun teachers in school. enneagram 8s are known for their strength in morality,knowledge and good judgment. Enneagram 9s can make something bright about a bad situation and face it head on with faith and they are the infjs of enneagram.

remember you live in this universe as much as me or someone else,you do matter