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    Default Enneagram Disintegration and Wings

    I've noticed that disintigration, as it appears among the types, can vary a lot within the type. Of course, type categories are broad and as are disintegration patterns, but I've noticed that in cases where the wing is very prominent, that disintigration almost seems to be flavored by traditional wing disintigration.

    As an example, I compare myself and my mother (6w5 vs 6w7):

    So questions:

    What's you're type? How strong do you consider your wing?:
    Do you find that your disintigration is flavored in any way by your wing, be it wing disintigration or just the actual wing not disintegrating?:
    Other thoughts if you have them?:

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    The Enneagram is very dynamic, so I would agree that there are elements of subtle movement in various directions. I am not sure how beneficial it is though to analyze to that degree as I think it somewhat detracts from the core value of the system in terms of using it for growth.
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    What's you're type? How strong do you consider your wing?: 9w1, strong enough wing that some think I'm 1 core

    Do you find that your disintigration is flavored in any way by your wing, be it wing disintigration or just the actual wing not disintegrating?: The Enneagram Institute says, "When moving in their Direction of Disintegration (stress), complacent Nines suddenly become anxious and worried at Six." And "When moving in their Direction of Disintegration (stress), methodical Ones suddenly become moody and irrational at Four."

    I found these:
    As Nines experience stress and disintegrate, they resemble the unhealthy qualities of the Type 6. They become overcome with anxiety, fear and become paralyzed from taking any sort of action. They can shift from their typical calm demeanor to what feels like a volcanic eruption of anger and resentment, (I know some of you have witnessed that...)which can shock themselves and those around them.
    As you sink into a less healthy place, you look like the unhealthy side of the Type 4, becoming utterly lost under the brutal judgment of your inner critic. You buckle down into darker feelings and resist any sort of fun or bid for connection from others. You start believing you’re unlovable which only further sinks you into suffering.

    Stress Point: 6, The Loyalist

    -When 9 goes to 6, reactivity and worry replaces passivity
    -Goes to self doubt; feels a sense of frozenness/paralysis
    -Seeks security in external structures that appear solid/safe
    -Result of having to make decisions, or handling change/loss
    -Becomes suspicious; anxiety intensifies; is more pessimistic
    All of this.

    -When 1 goes to 4, the internal critic works overtime
    -Becomes unusually harsh, self-confidence drops
    -Feels misunderstood/envious, "others have it so easy"
    -Leans towards fantasy/escape; resents unmet expectations
    -Becomes oversensitive, emotionally depressed, and shameful

    The problem with escapism/fantasy is that 9s also do this and I do think mine are more 9-flavored in that they are escapes into more ideal landscapes where everything is positive. I do experience self criticism, drop of confidence.

    So yes, though I think 9's disintegration to 6 shows up more for me, I can clearly see qualities of 1 and 4 in addition when I experience stress.
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    What's you're type? How strong do you consider your wing?:

    9w1. I think it's pretty strong, but I think disintegration makes it even stronger. But for normal me it's mostly shows in wanting everything to be polished, striving to be friendly and accepting towards others, working towards self improvement and getting fired up about certain beliefs.

    Do you find that your disintegration is flavored in any way by your wing, be it wing disintegration or just the actual wing not disintegrating?:

    It is, i's like layers deep disintegration(as in anxiety and suspicion come first, then the shame and true self hatred). I'm always self deprecating, that's my sense of humor. But when I'm down on myself, all my flaws and past mistakes become more and more evident. I try to convince myself that it's all in the past, but it just doesn't change things for me. It's like every mistake I made is on a personal record and it's a representation of my morality. That even though I'm a decent person now, there are still blaring marks in red ink. I relate to most of the stuff in the description Lumi linked, except for the misunderstood part and the fantasy part(well that's normal me). I am oversensitive; even a forgotten piece of trash is a penalty on my record. Also, they say you're supposed to be able to stand up for yourself more at healthy levels. That's not really me-I get more ambitious and spunky like a 3, but I'm still not good at standing up for myself. I can get what I want through playfulness, but I'm still avoiding true conflict. But to get to the point, I'm better at standing up for myself when I'm disintegrating because I really am frustrated and everything just slips out.
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